Where will you find Austin’s newest food truck? Outside your local high school

Austin’s high school students are about to have a new option for where to get lunch: A food truck outside.

For about a year and a half now, students at Anderson High School have been able to order from a dedicated food truck in their parking lot. The pilot went so well that AISD Nutrition and Food Services, thanks to a $600,000 grant from the Life Time Foundation, decided to add a second truck that would go to the other 13 high schools in the district.

Last week, that truck served its first meals at Travis High School.

The Nacho Average Food Truck will stop by each of the AISD high schools once a week. Anderson High School already had a dedicated truck, but this is AISD’s first roaming truck. A grant from Life Time Foundation covered many of the costs. Contributed by Life Time Foundation

From a release:

Nacho Average Food Truck will hit the road and rotate among all AISD high school campuses with a fresh, around-the-world inspired burger menu featuring: a tasty Mekong burger topped with pineapple chutney and hoisin sauce; a Mediterranean burger topped with Greek salad, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce; a Tuscan burger topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and fresh basil; and a Yucatan burger topped with guacamole, pico de gallo and cotija cheese. The truck also will serve vegetable and/or fruit sides, and a milk to provide a complete school meal.

Burgers and other sandwiches will be the primary dishes served at the Nacho Average Food Truck, and all the food on the menu will meet the district’s nutritional requirements. Contributed by Life Time Foundation.

The food truck is cool, but the really encouraging news here is that the Life Time Foundation, which is based in Minnesota but has two locations in Austin, has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve the already notable food being served at Austin’s schools.

In addition to the truck, the grant money will also go to expanding AISD’s breakfast in the classroom initiative, made-to-order salad bars and scratch cooking, which are just some of the innovative additions that the school has implemented in recent years.

I’ve written a ton about school food in the past few years, in part because I’m a parent of two elementary-aged kids who eat the school lunch but also because I think school food service is an important community issue that’s often misunderstood.

Here are a sampling of those stories/posts if you want to learn more:

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Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360.com.

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