WATCH: Two grocery reporters debate ups, downs of Whole Foods sale to Amazon

I’ve been fielding questions from readers (and even some sources) about what’s going on with Whole Foods now that a sale to Amazon appears to be imminent.

What’s going to happen to the existing Whole Foods stores now that Amazon is buying the company? Not much in the short term, but a whole lot in the long term. Tom McCarthy Jr. / American-Statesman

Yesterday, I sat down with Gary Dinges, our business reporter who covers the local grocery industry, on my weekly Facebook livestream to talk about some of the nitty gritty behind the deal, but also what it means for shoppers and other grocery chains.

[cmg_anvato video=”4088231″]

Will Amazon get rid of Whole Foods’ cashiers? What’s the next brick-and-mortar acquisition for Amazon? Will they really be delivering grocery by drone? Check out the video to hear our thoughts, and make sure you like the Austin360 Facebook page to see our future livestreams.

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Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and

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