Rapper Flo Rida got a baking lesson from Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

Decked out in a chef’s hat and apron, rapper Flo Rida was an unexpected sight in the kitchen of Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop yesterday while filming for an iHeart Radio promotion.

He was getting a baking lesson at the South First location of the popular Austin bakery and, according to Eater Austin, took it pretty seriously, making sure every frosted flower on the cake looked perfect during his time there and asking for help when they didn’t. He created layer cakes, doing every step with some assistance from the baking staff.

Contributed by Tom Thornton. Flo Rida made cakes yesterday at Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop on South First Street.

The iHeart Radio taping isn’t completely random: Flo Rida has a new single with hip hop duo 99 Percent called “Cake,” which — despite an oft-repeated lyric “I only came for the cake” — isn’t actually an homage to baked goods.

A local family, including food and drink freelance writer Tom Thornton, was able to witness the baking lesson, and the kids were treated to signed posters (Flo Rida’s real name, by the way, is Tramar Lacel Dillard, in case you ever have the pleasure of baking with him, too). One of the co-owners of family-run Sugar Mama’s, Steve O’Neal, posted a picture of Flo Rida signing for the kids on Facebook and wrote “Welcome to my house” as the caption.

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