SXSW Food: Taste-testing a meatless burger, s’mores yogurt bar

I’ve been in the thick of SXSW for the past few days, soaking up lots of interesting stuff in the panels and trying a few cool new foodstuffs.

To be honest, there aren’t quite as many food activations at South by Southwest this year, even though the food programming itself has grown into a healthy track over at the Driskill Hotel. (The panels filling up early without a one in/one out policy, however, isn’t going over so well with attendees, which is another story for another day.)

At the Create & Cultivate day party over on East Cesar Chavez today, I had two fun food experiences. The first was trying a meatless burger from Impossible Foods, a San Francisco-based company that sells a hamburger-like product that you can shape and cook into anything you’d make with ground beef. Impossible was giving away sliders with caramelized onions that tasted surprisingly like the real thing, but with that signature fake meat aftertaste. That hazy meat analog taste is common in all of these products, and the Impossible meat substitute had less of it than others I’ve tried.

The Colorado-based Noosa had a s’mores bar at the Create & Cultivate event on East Cesar Chavez today. I made this one with their Mexican chocolate yogurt. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

The other fun experience was a yogurt s’mores bar from Noosa, whose founder Koel Thomae was on site to answer alllllll of my questions about how they developed a sweet/spicy yogurt that I tried recently on my livestream taste test and why they’ll never go into the weird world of low- and no-fat yogurt. (Yes, I have a bias against them. Reduced fat yogurt, like most reduced fat products, aren’t filling, the texture is off and the amount of added sugar to make up for the lack of flavor with the fat makes the yogurt taste way too sweet.)

But I do like overly sweet yogurt when it’s served like dessert, and this s’mores-inspired yogurt creation — with the roasted marshmallow and little pieces of chocolate on a cup of Noosa’s Mexican chocolate yogurt — made me feel like we were having dessert at a high-end restaurant.

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