You won’t believe this TV restaurant review from 1983

bobosEver heard of Los Tres Bobos?

That’s a restaurant that used to be located on 38th Street from the late 1970s into the mid-1980s, and apparently it was good enough that a reader reached out to Out and About columnist Michael Barnes to ask if he had the recipe for their fried avocado. He didn’t have it, but our dearest Ellie Rucker did.

Rucker was the longtime advice columnist for the Statesman, who ran lots of requested recipes in her column and subsequent book, “Ellie Rucker’s Almanac,” where Barnes found the recipe. We shared it in today’s food section under Austin360Cooks.

For my tastes, that recipe is a whole lot of “thanks, but no thanks,” in part because I hate heated avocado and it seems like so much work to fry them at home anyway, but I did love coming across this old Los Tres Bobos restaurant review on YouTube.

Freelance restaurant critic Rob Balon, who for years reviewed restaurants for local television and radio stations and continues to run a restaurant news website, explains all you’d ever want to know about this restaurant and was (and wasn’t) good during his visits.

The clip is a crazy look into 1980s Austin, from its newscast and clothing/hair styles to what you can learn about the restaurant scene from Balon’s review.

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